Manage a single
WhatsApp line
with multiple agents.

Centralize your company's messaging in one place. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LiveChat and Telegram.

⚠ The WhatsApp integration is done through
an authorized BSP

Multi – Canal

Recibe en un solo lugar los mensajes de tus clientes desde las diferentes cuentas de mensajería de tu negocio.


Atiende con varios agentes las cuentas de tus mensajerías instantáneas.

Configuración y Reportes

Configura tus canales de mensajería y ten el control de tu negocio con nuestros reportes


Gestiona los archivos recibidos y compartidos de tus clientes.

Administra tus contactos

Gestiona los contactos capturados en tus conversaciones de chat.

Transfiere a un agente

Atiende a tus clientes en equipo y mejora tu servicio


Gestiona los archivos recibidos y compartidos de tus clientes.

Case studies

With B2Chat companies from different sectors have found the perfect solution to centralize their IM communications


Quickly solve your customers' inquiries and close more deals

Help and Support

Create long-term relationships and provide immediate attention

Lead Generation

Achieve opportunities for your business in each message


Speed up and attend several conversations at the same time from just one place


Everything you need to have for more productive teams and happier customers


Integrate Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, Live chat and soon Instagram and email


Scale your business by increasing agents to lower response times. All in the same console


Control your customer processes by auditing and revising online conversations in real-time


Transfer chats between agents to solve multiple processes from a single channel


Export conversations and data that take place in B2Chat and perform detailed analyses on them

Advanced Reports

Increase your customers' knowledge with our reports and get service insight in real-time.

Automatic responses

Configure automatic messages to welcome your clients and to let them know about service hours etc.

Standard Chatbots

Automate questions with our FAQ Chatbot or automate service ratings with the Satisfaction Chatbot

Alerts and Notifications

Send notifications and alerts to your customers through the WhatsApp Business API

Canned Responses

Use the canned responses functionality to fire up predetermined responses to common questions


Add different departments into your channels and let your agents focus on what they know


Share Audios, Photos, PDFs and Files with your customers over the selected IM Channel

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Take advantage of messaging channels and communicate better with your customers. Available IMs: WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and LiveChat.

Generic Chatbots

Automate processes with our standard bots

Our chatbots will attend your business for you, discover how your customers can resolve concerns or qualify the service provided automatically. They work on Facebook, WhatsApp, LiveChat and Telegram.

FAQ Chatbot

Automatic responses

Configure the most frequently asked questions and let our chatbot do the rest

Option to switch to an agent

If your client can not solve the doubt, he/she can opt for the option to speak with an agent


The FAQ Chatbot supports Images, text, emojis and links

Service Rating Chatbot

Automate the qualification process

Give your customers the option to qualify the service by activating our Service Rating Chatbot.

Rating options

We have different options for customers to qualify, you can select the one that best suits your business

Option to talk to an agent again

If for some reason the client already in the qualification phase wants to talk to an agent again he/she can do it without a problem

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Select the best plan
for your team

All of our plans have a free trial period so you can try out our platform and see if it is what you are looking for. Does not apply to WhatsApp.


Create tickets with your conversations to your favourite HelpDesk system: Zendesk or Freshdesk

Happy customers

Who decided to put superpowers to their IM communications

Schedule a meeting with our sales team and learn more about our software⚡

Take advantage of messaging channels and communicate better with your customers. Available IMs: WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and Web Chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

To make life easy for you, here are our most frequently asked questions.

What is B2Chat?

B2Chat is a chat center where you can manage with multiple agents different instant messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, Livechat, Telegram and Whatsapp  (Instagram and email soon) from one place.

Does B2Chat have a Mobile APP?

No, currently B2Chat only works for the web, we are working hard to develop our mobile app.

Can I use my own WhatsApp line?

Yes, but before your company must be approved by WhatsApp to use the WhatsApp Business API so that you can integrate it into our system.

Which companies can use the Official WhatsApp Business API?

Businesses of all sizes seeking to offer their customers a direct channel of communication, fast support, and efficient customer experience are eligible to use the Official WhatsApp API. It should be noted that this is still a BETA program so availability is limited and WhatsApp will review each case individually to accept or reject.

Can I send bulk messages through B2Chat's platform?

Yes, it is possible to do it by WhatsApp through our Broadcast API, it is important to clarify that you cannot make bulk messages of promotions, it should only be used to send alerts or notifications and with templates previously approved by WhatsApp. Examples of use are, sending OTPs, sending order status, sending reservation information etc

How long does it take to be approved to use the WhatsApp Business API?

We currently do this process with an authorized WhatsApp BSP. This approval is required for all customers who request it and takes between 1 to 3 weeks to respond.

Can I use my own WhatsApp number?

Yes, once your company obtains approval to use the WhatsApp Business API you can decide which number (s) to use and integrate your own WhatsApp line to B2Chat. Once you integrate it, it can only be managed through B2Chat.

What can I do with WhatsApp on B2Chat?

What you CAN do from the B2Chat console

  • Receive Whatsapp messages
  • Multiple agents can receive messages from a single WhatsApp Account
  • Each agent can access from any computer that has internet
  • Audit Chats
  • Send and receive text, images, PDFs, files and Emojis
  • Receive and send voice notes
  • The SIM associated with the line that is connected to B2Chat CAN be used on a mobile phone only to receive and make calls if required.
  • Contacts are saved in an exportable database in B2Chat

What can NOT be done from the B2Chat console

  • The WhatsApp Business API account connected to B2Chat cannot be registered during or after for Personal WhatsApp in a mobile phone
  • B2Chat does not receive or send WhatsApp locations or contacts.
  • B2Chat does not have mass broadcast functionality. But you can send alerts and notifications through the B2Chat Broadcast API
  • Cannot import chats from the line. In B2Chat the line would start anew.

How to get B2Chat? (Steps to follow)

The most important thing is that you register  Here

so that an advisor can contact you and they can schedule a demo if you are interested we will guide you step by step throughout the process.

Does B2Chat has Chatbots?

In B2Chat we have 2 standard Chatbots available.

  • FAQ Chatbot: Frequent Answer Questions Chatbot
  • Satisfaction Chatbot: To qualify the service of an advisor or agent
  • Departments


Each one in an ADDON and has an additional monthly cost on your package

Our standard Chatbots are designed to be configured by yourself from the B2Chat back-office

B2Chat DOES NOT develop custom Chatbots

What integrations does B2Chat have available?

B2Chat currently has 2 out of the box integrations for the following software:

  • Freshdesk and Zendesk.

The integration consists of sending a Ticket into Zendesk / Freshdesk from a conversation in B2Chat

Does B2Chat has an API?

We know that many companies are developing their own Chatbots for different messaging platforms, that’s why B2Chat developed an API to be able to transfer a user from a Chatbot to an agent if need it.

Also from our API, you can extract all the information from the contacts captured through the IM Channel.

To see our documentation visit

Schedule a meeting with our sales team and learn more about our software⚡

Take advantage of messaging channels and communicate better with your customers. Available IMs: WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and Web Chat.