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Being able to enjoy all the possibilities that B2Chat offers to your business is easier when you have a team willing to help you. Find out how to access B2 chat’s help centers and get the most out of your subscription. Keep reading this blog to become an expert in multi-agent and multi-channel services.

What is B2Chat?

If you are here it’s because you already know how B2Chat can help your business grow, however, let’s make a brief review of all its advantages. B2Chat is a multi-agent and multi-channel service dedicated to improving the way companies use instant messaging channels.

Thanks to the integration with WhatsApp API and its own developments, the brands subscribed to B2Chat can answer all the messages from different devices, regardless of where they come from (Telegram, WhatsApp, LiveChat or Facebook Messenger).

In addition, B2Chat has multiple corporate advantages, all of them designed to speed up the response times of companies. Some of these are: Chatbots, advanced reports and statistics in real time, departments, chat transfers, quick messages, and much more!

This large number of benefits can be a bit difficult to understand at first glance and sometimes the companies subscribed to the service have doubts about how the software works, the rates, WhatsApp policies, etc. For this reason, B2Chat has a department specifically dedicated to solving all the concerns of our customers and leads, this team is called: B2Chat Support desk.

How does B2Chat help my company?

B2Chat has a Help Center available to its subscribers where you can find the step-by-step of different processes within the platform. These manuals are divided into departments and with just one word in the search bar, companies that have a question can type a word or phrase related to their concern and they will immediately find articles with the answer.

Click here and get to know all the contents from the Help Center.

There is also a more personal alternative to solve doubts about the B2Chat service and it is precisely the Support desk team. They are the experts in the operation of the console and, if your company wants to contact them, you’ll only need to start a conversation with one of our advisors and they will review and manage your concerns.

There will be times where you may need to request help on external issues to the console, such as: WhatsApp policies or templates, etc. For these cases, B2Chat has created a communication channel in charge of intermediating and finding clear answers. If one of these doubts arises, all you need to do is contact a sales or support advisor and they will surely find a satisfactory solution in a short time.

Last but not least, B2Chat is committed to generating valuable content and that’s why we have a blog! A channel for clients, prospects and all the curious who want to know the latest on marketing and technology. Here you’ll find articles related to: business messaging channels, WhatsApp news, tips to generate leads etc.

The blog content is complemented by infographics and Webinars, so all those interested in the topics can ask questions or contribute their own knowledge.

How can I start using B2Chat?

For us, the most important thing is to grow together with our subscribers and a proof of this is the constant acknowledgement we get from them with messages of affection to their advisors in charge.

More than 600 companies from Colombia, Latin America and the world have already joined B2Chat. If your company wants to start using our platform, you’ll just have to request an appointment with one of our advisors and schedule a free demo. Here you’ll be able to solve your doubts about the service, features, and benefits. Also, take a look at our pricing page where you will learn about the plans we have available for you.

Evaluate the needs of your company and choose B2Chat as your ally to keep growing, together you will be able to take your brand to the next level.

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